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Stephen Harper

Canadian citizenship rules make integration more difficult

17:41 25/02/2014
A new report from a Canadian think tank alleges that recent changes to the Canadian citizenship regime favour some immigrants over others and run contrary to the Canadian multicultural ethos. The...

Mexico says President may cancel trip to Canada in visa row

17:58 25/09/2013
The Mexican ambassador to Canada, Francisco Suarez, has said that Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto will not make a planned official visit to Canada next year unless the Canadian government acts...

Canada's immigration minister moves to employment

15:36 07/08/2013
Jason Kenney, for five years Canada's minister for immigration and multiculturalism, has moved on. He is now the minister for employment and social development after Prime Minister Stephen Harper...

Canadian pressure groups protest against award for immigration minister

13:37 22/11/2012
There was a demonstration in Toronto on Sunday 4th November against Canadian immigration minister Jason Kenney. Mr Kenney was receiving an honorary philosophy degree from Israel's Haifa University on...

Live-In Caregivers contribute to Filipino immigration in Canada

19:54 16/11/2012
The 2011 Canadian census shows that Tagalog, a language spoken in the Philippines, is the fastest growing language in Canada. It is now the fifth most commonly spoken language among Canadians at home...

Canada launches tourism campaign and opens tourism centre in China

11:07 21/02/2012
This month at the official opening of the Canadian tourism office in Beijing Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper helped launch a new tourism marketing campaign to encourage more Chinese to travel...