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Canada's Foreign Credential Referral Office

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Canada's immigration minister, Diane Finley, took time to report on the progress of Citizenship and Immigration Canada's Foreign Credentials Referral Office (FCRO). The FCRO was setup in response to the difficulties some migrants in Canada face in having their qualifications recognized by local employers.

"The FCRO is helping newcomers to Canada use their talents in the fields for which they've been trained," said Finley. "By helping immigrants find out how to get their credentials assessed and recognized more quickly, especially before they enter Canada, their chances for success will improve. That can only be good for Canada and for newcomers."

The Canadian federal government is not responsible for assessing foreign qualifications. That responsibility is left to the individual provinces and territories. However, the FCRO assists migrants and prospective applicants in a variety of ways to find the information they need to use their skills in the Canadian workforce.

320 Service Canada centers have been setup across the country, offering in-person services to assist migrants on where to go to have their credentials assessed. Over 9,000 people have been helped since the program's inception.

The minister also visited India recently, where she announced the expansion of overseas orientation sessions in India and China. The sessions, now delivered in India, China and the Philippines, help raise awareness about the credential recognition process in Canada.

Canada is a very popular destination for people looking to live and work overseas, making the FCRO a necessary tool for the nation as it tries to keep itself globally competitive. Canada uses a points based skilled migration program, along with other schemes such as the Provincial Nominee Program, to import the best and brightest talent from around the world.

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