Canadian Language Training Vouchers to help new immigrants

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On 16 October the Canadian Immigration Minister Jason Kenney announced language training vouchers to encourage new immigrants to improve their English and/or French. Newcomers already have free access to language training via local settlement service providers.

"Speaking English or French is key to finding meaningful employment and successfully integrating into Canadian society," said Minister Kenney. "Whatever we can do to help newcomers take language training is a step in the right direction."

As part of the pilot program 2,000 immigrants chosen randomly in Ontario, Nova Scotia and Alberta, will be sent "Language Training Vouchers". These vouchers can then be taken to any settlement service provider to obtain language training

It is hoped that language training vouchers funded by Citizenship and Immigration Canada will result in more immigrants going to language courses. Language ability is one of the most important factors that affect the ability of an immigrant to find a job and settle into Canadian society.

Settlement programs are a top priority for the Canadian Government. Since 2006 the Canadian Government has tripled funding of settlement services for new immigrants. Previous to that funding had been frozen for some years.