Canadian temporary visa applications can be made online

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The Canadian Government has announced recently that temporary residents applying for work permits or wishing to extend their visit in Canada can now apply online.

Immigration Minister Jason Kenney had the following to say:

"Extending our online services to more temporary residents will significantly facilitate the application process by providing faster, more accessible and efficient services,".

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) commented that applications submitted online have to be complete. Postal applications on the other hand are not always complete and so have to be returned so adding to the processing times. All temporary residents can apply apart from co-op program work permit applicants.

CIC have allowed online applications since June 2008 for international students in Canada. 33,000 applications have been submitted online for off-campus work permits, to confirm their eligibility, to renew their study permit and to extend visas for dependent family members. CIC says that in future it will be possible for all types of applications to be made online.