Canberra, Australia lures skilled migrants

The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Government will send "Live in Canberra" delegations to Amsterdam, London, Cape Town, Durban, Dublin, and Johannesburg in an attempt to attract skilled migrants to the Australian capital.

The Live in Canberra program will travel to these cities between 9 February and 28 February 2011. The program will work in conjunction with the ACT Government's Skilled and Business Migration Program to promote opportunities in Canberra and the lifestyle of the city.

"The campaign will incorporate one immigration expo and 15 targeted skilled and business migration seminars," said Jon Stanhope, Chief Minister for the ACT.

"One-on-one meetings are scheduled in each city with skilled workers considering a move to Canberra and with locally based migration agents wishing to promote Canberra's opportunities to their clients," he added.

"The team will speak to people with skills that are in demand in Canberra's local industries including health, building and construction, finance, administration, management, engineering and [Information and Communications Technology (ICT)].

According to Stanhope, the ACT's economy ranks first in Australia and unemployment is close to record lows. He stated that Canberra must "continue to attract a steady flow of skilled workers to ensure our economy maintains its momentum."