Changes to UK Citizenship Requirements and immigration controls

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Skilled Migrants wishing to gain UK citizenship may have to wait at least a year as "probationary citizens". The Borders, Immigration and Citizenship Bill will have its first reading today.

Main changes:
1. Give the UK Border Agency increased powers at the frontier by bringing together customs and immigration functions. This is a more integrated approach to immigration control.
2. Changes to nationality law to implement the new path to citizenship. Migrants will be expected to make an effort to integrate. Those committing criminal offences will have to wait longer to gain UK citizenship. UKBA will be able to shorten or increase the qualifying period for naturalisation depending on the behaviour of the migrant. It is expected that the waiting period will be from one to three years.
3. The UKBA will have a duty to safeguard the welfare of children in its work.

The government says that this will result in a fairer immigration system that will see foreigners "earn" their right to become British.