Knowledge of British history may be added to UK citizenship test

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People wishing to become UK citizens may soon need to brush up on their knowledge of British history in order to pass the citizenship test (Life in the UK Test).

"There's a whole chapter in the citizenship handbook on British history. But, incredibly, there are no questions on British history in the test," said Prime Minister David Cameron.

"Instead you'll find questions on the roles and powers of the main institutions of Europe and the benefits system within the UK. So we are going to revise the whole test and put British history and culture at the heart of it," he added.

The UK is attempting to reduce net migration into the country to the "tens of thousands". Changes that have already been introduced include a recent cap on skilled migration and new requirements for people immigrating to Britain as family members; There are tougher English language requirements and there may be tougher financial requirements.

Families who want to sponsor overseas relatives may have to post a large financial bond worth thousands of pounds.

"We will make migrants wait longer, to show they really are in a genuine relationship before they can get settlement," Cameron said.