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Changes to UK Investor Rules from 13 January 2005

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New rules have come into effect from 13 January2005 to encourage high net worth individuals to come, invest and livein the UK and to make sure UK rules remain competitive with othercountries. The UK government hopes that this will encourage an increasein the numbers of applications made. It will increase investment in theUK economy. The new rules will, for the first time, allow investors toutilise loaned funds for their investment in the UK.

The New Rules

Investors are no longer restricted to proving that they have no less than £1 million of their own money to invest in the UK.

Thenew rules accept that the £1 million may include money loaned by afinancial institution regulated by the Financial Services Authority,where an investor can show assets (less liabilities) to the value of atleast £2 million. This will help individuals with a high net worth inassets but not in cash held in their own name to meet the UK entryrequirements.


  • Under the new Rules you will need to show a personal net worth of at least £2 million.
  • Youmust obtain the funds from an authorised financial institutionregulated by the Financial Services Authority. You will also needevidence, and a facility letter will be fine.
  • Your personalnet worth must be documented by original evidence to prove assets andliabilities but may include liquid assets such as property and offshoretrusts.
  • The calculation may include assets owned by your spouse providing the spouse is included in the application to enter the UK.
  • An investor will still be required to invest £1 million in the UK.

Therules relating to the range of investments is still the same as is therequirement that you make the UK your main home. See the investorcategory on this website for further details.

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Applicationsfor entry clearance as an investor require careful preparation and mustbe accompanied by comprehensive and professionally prepareddocumentation.

While the basic requirements are straightforward,there are many details with which prospective investors should befamiliar with. Contact us and we will help you.