Czech Republic sees increase in permanent residency applications

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The number of immigrants applying for permanent residency in the Czech Republic has been sharply increasing, according to Vit Dvoracek, head of the foreign residency section of the Interior Ministry's asylum and migration policy department.

In the second quarter of 2012, the Interior Ministry registered more than two times the number of permanent residency applications compared to the same period last year. From April till the end of June last year, 4,331 foreigners applied for permanent residency in the Czech Republic, while this year it was 9,166.

Dvoracek said around two-thirds of applications for permanent residency in the Czech Republic are from Ukrainians. Many other applicants come from countries like Slovakia and Vietnam.

The permanent residency permit is ideal for immigrants who wish to work in the Czech Republic, because those with permanent residency do not need to have a work permit from the labour office.You can apply for permanent residency in the Czech Republic after you have had five years of continuous stay in the Czech Republic.

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