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Denmark 'keen' to attract foreign students

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Denmark is hoping to attract foreign students to its shores, stating that studying in Denmark is "easier than you think."

"Denmark is very keen to attract foreign students to the country," Danish immigration authorities said in a recent news release.

To study in Denmark, foreign students must have a residence permit before arriving in the country. To acquire a residence permit, prospective students must show that they have enrolled in a state approved course of higher education.

Students must also be able to show that they can support themselves during their stay in Denmark, or that they have paid tuition.

Students must also show that they can speak and understand the language in which the course of study will be taught, as well as speaking either Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, English, or German at a "reasonable level".

A bonus exists for students who successfully complete a course of higher education in Denmark. Students can remain in Denmark for six months after graduation to find work, similar to Ireland's Third Level Graduate Scheme.

Foreign graduates of Danish universities also receive advantages on Denmark's points based immigration scheme, the Danish Green Card. For more information, see the Denmark immigration section of our website