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German Green Card celebrates first birthday

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1st August 2001 marks the first anniversary of the GermanGreen Card initiative. The programme, launched by Federal ChancellorSchroder, was designed to streamline and speed up the process of bringing innon-EEA nationals to work as ITech professionals in Germany, and thus help tomake up the shortfall of workers in this sector.

The German government have taken this anniversary as a chanceto reflect on the interim results of the special programme, and to remark on itssuccess.

To date, (20 July 2001), 8556 GGC’s have been issued by theregional German employment offices: this amounts to about 150 per week. TheGerman government estimates indicate that a Green Card holder indirectly creates 2-3 new jobs in the country’s IT sector. More than 80 per cent of thecompanies who have recruited staff abroad via the Green Card schemebelieve that this has helped them to increase competitiveness.

To be awarded a German Green Card, the candidate musthave a valid job offer in Information Technology or Telecommunications, witheither a minimum annual salary of DM 78000 and an IT-relevant university degree,or a salary of DM 100000 if he does not hold a relevant degree. A GGC can thenbe obtained in one week’s time from the moment that a complete application islodged at a German employment office (time scales may vary slightly from regionto region). Green Cards are considered to be permits to work, are employerspecific, and should not be confused with the US’s Green Card system of permanent residency.

For more information, applicants and potential employers cancontact Workpermit.comare global immigration consultants who offer all-round assistance for companies or individuals wishing to apply for GermanGreen Cards, as well as a free advice service. In cooperation with itssister company SybersolveSolutions, has recently introduced a newservice for companies who want to send staff to Germany, but do not (or not yet)have a registered branch of their own in the country.

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