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Germany to Liberalize Immigration

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Germany’s interior minister, Otto Schily, today announced an overhaul of the German immigration regulations.

Designed to relax the rules for immigration for skilled staff, especially those in the IT and telecomms industries, and tighten regulations for unskilled workers, it also proposes to introduce tougher measures for asylum seekers and those under deportation orders.

Main points:

  • Immediate permanent residency for IT professionals and other highly skilled staff with valid job offers (to replace the 5 year ‘Green Card’).
  • Points based system for skilled immigrants without job offer (similar to the Australian system).
  • Immediate granting of work permit for dependants of skilled immigrants.
  • Combined residence and work permit.
  • Automatic one-year residence permit for graduates of German universities (to be extended if the applicant finds work in this time).
  • Compulsory integration courses for new migrants.

It must be noted that this was a draft document, to be discussed in the German Parliament; the final act should be passed by the end of the year 2001. Updates will appear on latest news section.

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