Indian business people visiting Australia more and more

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Business professionals from India are one of the largest national groups applying for Australian business visas. India is already among the top four countries providing Australia with skilled migrants on a permanent or temporary basis.

Australian has also seen a sharp rise in business visits by Chinese professionals. A number of business visitors, especially from India, also apply for long-stay visas. These business visitors include highly-skilled professionals seeking to establish permanent base Down Under.

The number of Indian and Chinese professionals opting for permanent business migration to Australia is also increasing. A quarter of those applying for long-stay business visas has been from the UK, India and the US, according to the immigration department figures.

Indians also figure significantly as applicants for short term business visas, taking the number two spot after China. The other nationality to have shown a special liking for short term business visas is Mexican.

The immigration authorities believe that the short visits are preferred by overseas business professionals pursuing investment opportunities in Australia.

China has earned a special mention by the immigration department deputy secretary Abul Rizvi in this regard.

''It's been an ongoing increase out of China, as our engagement with China rises in terms of exports,'' he was quoted as saying by The Australian.