Indian migrant workers to receive skills training

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The Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs (MOIA) has launched a number of projects which will help improve the skills and knowledge of Indian migrants who are looking for overseas employment; the goal is to ensure that India is a preferred source for highly skilled and qualified workers.

One such project, "Skill Development Initiative for Potential Migrants from the Northeastern States of India", is already being trialed in the eight northeastern states of India, with the objective being, according to officials, to 'provide job readiness and augment employability of potential overseas migrants in the international labour market, especially the high-demand sectors of hospitality and healthcare.'

While the project is currently in pilot phase in the northeastern states, by June of 2013 it will be upgraded to national level.

Another trial project by the MOIA, "Developing a Knowledge Base for Policy Making on India-EU Migration", will promote communication between India and the European Union on matters of migration; this project is co-funded by the European Commission.

'The objective of the project is to assemble high-level Indian-European Union (EU) expertise in major disciplines that deal with migration, such as demography, economics, law, sociology and politics with a view to building up migration studies in India.'

Lastly, a "Labour Market Assessment" project has been launched, which assesses a number of EU nations with the purpose of identifying which skill sets are required from migrant workers.

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