Ireland experiencing delays in employment permit processing

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With a recent surge in demand for immigration into Ireland, combined with dramatic changes in the employment permitting scheme, the Irish Department of Enterprise Trade and Employment is experiencing some delays in processing applications that have already been received. Excitement over the new Irish Green Card Scheme has also resulted in a surge of applications and questions.

As of this week, they were beginning to process applications received on the 22 January 2007. Applications are dealt with strictly in order of the date they are received on, and cannot be expedited under any circumstances.

The Employment Permits Section processes applications for Employment Permits. It is located within the Labour Force Development Division of the Department.

The Section is noting that, due to the substantial increase in the number of calls and emails, some applicants are experiencing difficulties in contacting Department representatives. They have released an apology for any inconvenience caused, and wish to assure all applicants that they are endeavoring to answer as many calls and emails as possible as fast as possible.

Customers should not try to contact the Section with non-essential questions as this may cause unnecessary delays for everyone.

New employment permit arrangements

All persons applying for Irish immigration visas and employment permits should note that the new rules will apply to all applications received in the Section from 1st February 2007. Applications received prior to that date will be processed and evaluated under the old rules.

The new rules cover: new employment permit schemes, new employment permit application forms, new fees, new employment permits with additional security features and a strengthened labor market test, including evidence of advertising in national and local newspapers.

The application may be submitted by either the employer or the employee. Permits will be granted directly to the employee, copied to the employer and will be accompanied by the information referred to in the Act.

Employment Permit Category

First Application Fee

Renewal Fee

Work Permit• €1,000 up to 24 month permit and
• €500 for six months or less
• €500 for six months or less
• €1,000 up to 24 months
• €1,500 - renewed for 36 months
Green Card• €1,000 up to 24 month permit• €1,500 - renewed indefinitely
Spousal/DependantNo feeNo fee
Intra-Company Transfer• €1,000 up to 24 month permit and
• €500 for six months or less
• €1,500 up to 36 month permit

No fee will apply to the following specific applications:

• Applications in respect of Spouses of EU nationals
• Work Permit applications for unlimited permits
• Charities granted tax exemption by the Revenue Commissioners.

Fees may be refunded to the applicant if the application is refused or withdrawn prior to the issuing of the permit.

Acceptable forms of payment

Payment must be in the form of a Euro denominated cheque, bank draft or postal order, drawn on a financial institution operating within the Irish clearing system.

All foreign drafts and cheques will be returned.


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