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Italy - Work Permit Quotas

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The Italian Government is yet to approve the regional workpermit quotas for the year 2002, which are normally approved in the beginning ofthe year. This means that for the time being employers can obtain Italianwork permits only under very limited circumstances. If you wish to employhighly skilled employees who are being transferred to the Italian branch of thesame company this may still be possible.

A new Immigration Law is currently under debate in theItalian Parliament, and is unlikely to come into force before June 2002. TheItalian Government has declared that the annual quota for the year 2002 will notbe approved until the New Law has come into force. There is currently a greatdeal of uncertainty surrounding the new Italian work permit system. Youcan follow the latest developments in the “Latest News” section of thiswebsite.

You will find further details of the Italianwork permit system on our web-site.