Italy's Lazio region will allow 50,000 more immigrant workers

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A decree of the Prime Minister dating back to October, 2006 on "Additional measures regarding the inflows of non-seasonal non-EU citizens in 2006" provides for the issuance of 50,000 more residence and work permits in the Lazio Region of Italy.

According to the decree, 350,000 more residence permits are available to non-EU citizens, out of which 50,000 will be for the Lazio Region.

Subject to a verification of the compliance with all the regulatory criteria, residence permits will be granted to all those workers whose applications were submitted to post offices by either companies or families, by July 21 2006.

The additional quotas will be granted irrespective of the type of non-seasonal work, the sector and the country of origin of the non-EU citizens.

Italian employers who submitted the applications by July 21, 2006 must wait for a positive response by the Prefecture's immigration information office.

If applications are lacking some documents, the employers will be invited to produce by ordinary post the missing documents.


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