Ivana Trump brands immigrants ‘thieves and rapists’


Ivana Trump on ITV's Loose Women 14 September 2020

Youtube Loose Women / ITV

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Comments by Sanwar Ali:

The Southern Poverty Law Center has stated that white nationalist hate groups have grown 55 percent while Trump has been President.  They have said that there is a "surging" racist movement due to “a deep fear of demographic change”.  Top Trump aide Stephen Miller has also been linked to hate groups.

It is against this background that you have bigotted and extremist rhetoric about immigrants from the ex-wife of Donald Trump, 71 year old Ivana Trump on ITV's "Loose Women" on 14 September 2020.  This is likely to further encourage racist groups in the US.

Ivana Trump refers to Donald Trump as being a Republican like her.  During most of the time that Ivana was married to Donald Trump he was actually a member of the Democratic Party.  Donald Trump was a Democrat until 1987 and then again from 2001 to 2009.  He has also been in the Reform party and an independent.  What does Donald Trump really believe anyway?  Does anyone actually know for sure?

Ivana Trump, the former wife of US President Donald Trump, branded immigrants ‘thieves and rapists’ in a shocking and vile rant on ITV’s Loose Women. In what has been described as a ‘car crash interview’, Ivana paid tribute to her former husband of 15 years with whom she has three children, saying he has achieved ‘so much’ especially with immigration.

Ivana said: “He [Donald] is pro everything I believe. He is Republican, so am I. He’s achieved so much, especially with US immigration.”

The former wife of the current US President, who is an immigrant herself, then launched into a vile tirade against some immigrants arriving in America. She said: “I am immigrant, but they have to come to the country legally, they have to get a job, they have to pay taxes like the rest of Americans...

“A lot of people don’t dress even American. They dress whatever they dress in. And they don’t get a job and they steal, and they rape the women. That’s not our idea.”

Ivana Trump views Offensive

Loose Women panellist, Jane Moore, challenged Ivana’s views, saying that many would find her comments ‘offensive’. Moore said to Ivana: “What you’ve just said about migrants a lot of people would find quite offensive. You’re a migrant yourself - are you not shutting the door behind you?”

“Do you not understand some people just want a better life? How you describe them is quite inhumane,” Moore said.

In response, Ivana said: “It is inhumane, but everybody has to pick themselves up. They have to go and apply for the US visa properly then they come to America. They can come and cross the border properly.”

Viewers left fuming after immigrant comments

Many viewers were left fuming with Ivana’s comments and the show’s producers. One viewer branded her comments ‘disgusting’ before criticising the show for giving her air time. The angry viewer said: “Why give Ivana Trump this air time?! Her views are disgusting! At least stand up to her or question her judgements!”

Meanwhile, another viewer applauded Jane Moore’s efforts to challenge Ivana, saying: “Well done Jane Moore for standing up to that ridiculous and offensive Trump woman. What hideous views Ivana has.”

Other viewers took to Twitter to express their opinion on what they’d witnessed. One said: “Respect to Jane for not being afraid to tell her how disgusting her opinion is.”

Several others tweeted, calling Ivana ‘gross and vile’, while stating that the Loose Women panel looked ‘utterly horrified’ throughout the interview.

Another Twitter user wrote: “OMG this is terrible. Ivana saying immigrants rape women, steal and don’t get jobs or pay taxes. And she’s annoyed they don’t dress like Americans! I'm disgusted!”

Claims Ivanka Trump could be US President

In addition to vilifying immigrants, the Czech American millionaire business woman, fashion designer and media personality, said that her daughter, Ivanka, was on course for the White House and said she will become the ‘first woman President.’

The interview then ended in a spectacularly bizarre fashion, with Ivana wagging her finger at Loose Women presenter, Ruth Langsford, saying she would ‘get even’ after being asked to do the interview at 4am New York time.

Her former husband has been blasted on a number of occasions for his views on immigration during his tenure as President. Donald Trump famously accused former US President, Barack Obama, of lying about being born in the US.

Like Ivana, Trump has referred to immigrants as rapists and likened many to ‘poisonous snakes.’ Under his administration, the US has come down hard on immigration with a series of restrictive measures introduced, and more set to follow, if he is re-elected as President.

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