Migration to New Zealand becomes more difficult

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New Zealand has made what can arguably be considered the most dramatic changes to its immigration policy in a decade when the New Zealand Immigration Service increased requirements that immigrants coming to New Zealand for economic/employment reasons have a clear prospect of employment. The aim of this is to avoid having highly qualified immigrants in low-level, low-paid jobs. Approximately 24,000 potential immigrants arrive in New Zealand annually under the general skills category, and 20,000 applications are pending. However, unless the applicant has a New Zealand job offer, it may be difficult for him or her to receive an immigrant visa, due to the high points requirement. Nevertheless, if one is able to come within 8 points of the current pass mark of 30 points, one can obtain a temporary visa (for up to six months) allowing him to come to New Zealand to find a job. Once the job offer has been secured, an additional 8 points would be allocated towards the visa application, and eventually a permanent visa will be granted.

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