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MP calls for changes to UK immigration

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A Northern Ireland MP, Jim Shannon, has called for immigration changes that would allow Filipino fisherman to keep on working in Northern Ireland.

Under current immigration rules, approximately 70 fisherman would probably not be allowed to continue working in the UK.

Shannon aired his concerns to the Migration Advisory Committee on 18 July 2011. The Migration Advisory Committee is a panel tasked by the UK Government to advise on UK immigration policy.

According to Shannon, if the rules are not changed then boats in Ardglass, Ballycastle, Portavogie, and Kilkeel would not be able to continue to operate.

The UK Government has made immigration to the UK more difficult. There has been an UK immigration cap for more than a year. There are also tougher student immigration requirements. Overall, the Migration Advisory Committee has encouraged both the current and previous Government to bring in tougher immigration controls.