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Multiple Entry Work Permits in the UK

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Work Permits UK the Government Department that deals with UK work permits has since 1st November 2001 introduced multiple entry work permits . This will allow people who are based overseas to enter the UK for short periods of time to work. This type of work permit will be valid for a period of six months to two years. One difference from the usual type of work permit is that you will not be allowed to do supplementary work whilst on the multiple entry permit. The main benefit is that if you have an employee who comes to the UK regularly but only for short periods of time the same work permit will cover the employee for up to two years.

It remains to be seen how popular the multiple entry work permit will be. In many cases it may be that the overseas employee can lawfully gain entry to the UK as a business visitor which is easier than applying for a work permit. The employer will have to also consider very carefully whether it is possible for the employee to come under the usual work permit scheme and whether it is preferable to apply for this.