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Angry High Court Judge AI Generated

Angry High Court Judge AI Generated

Sanwar Ali

UK Government Targets Corrupt Immigration Lawyers: Hypocrisy

22:57 17/08/2023
By Sanwar Ali : Immigration has always been a challenging and complex issue, and the UK is no exception. The Government's action against corrupt immigration lawyers is making headlines. This...

UK Employer fines for illegal immigration working triple in 2024

0:27 11/08/2023
By Sanwar Ali : Changes are underway in UK immigration enforcement, with the UK Home Office recently declaring that fines for employers and landlords who employ or rent to illegal immigrants are set...

UK's Rwanda Policy: Controversies, Complexities and Court Ruling

0:17 30/06/2023
By Sanwar Ali : Index: Understanding the Rwanda Policy The Court of Appeal's Decision The Potential Risk to Asylum Seekers The Government's Response The Unravelling of the Policy Demonstrations...

Biden US immigration rule blocked by Supreme Court

9:45 25/07/2022
The US Supreme Court has blocked the Biden administration from implementing a US immigration policy that prioritizes the deportation of migrants arriving illegally in the US who pose a significant...

Ban on encouraging illegal US immigration ‘unconstitutional’

10:24 21/07/2022
A US appeals court has ruled that a federal law making it a crime to ‘encourage or incite’ non-US citizens to enter and live in the USA illegally is ‘unconstitutional’ because it could hinder free...

Supreme Court blocks bid to defend Trump US immigration rule

10:08 21/06/2022
The US Supreme Court has dismissed an attempt made by Republican-led states to take over the legal defense of a hardline US immigration policy introduced by former US President, Donald Trump, which...