New information concerning UK Leave to Remain applications

Occasionally, UK immigrants may be required to submit a leave to remain (LtR) application before the outcome of the work permit (WP) or Highly Skilled Migrant Programme (HSMP) application.

In circumstances like this, the Home Office reports that it will hold the LtR application until the WP/HSMP application has been decided. Then, unless the applicant indicates otherwise, the LtR application will be considered and a decision made. If the WP/HSMP application is refused, the LtR application will also be refused.

Although there is a 28 day period to submit a request for review of the WP/HSMP refusal decision, if you have already submitted the LtR application it is important that you notify the Home Office of your/your employer's intention to request a review immediately. If you do so, the Home Office will not make a decision on the LtR application until the review has been decided.

If you do not advise the Home Office of this, however, the LtR application will not be held for the 28 day period and a decision to refuse will be made.