New workpermit Migration and Move Service

Support migrant centric journalism today and donate in business since 1988 (formerly BCL Immigration Services) is one of the most popular immigration related sites in the World. Every year millions of people visit the site looking to emigrate and find work abroad.

In the past few years the immigration market has changed. Increasingly you need to have a job offer if you wish to emigrate to the Country of your choice. The Global financial crisis of 2008 has meant changes in the immigration requirements in a number of Countries which may mean that you will need a job offer to emigrate to the Country of your choice.

The new workpermit Migration and Move… service will offer you the following:

  • A visa that will enable you to work in the occupation of your choice.
  • Assistance with finding work and a place to live in your Country of choice.
  • Help with opening a bank account and obtaining loans in the Country of your choice.

If you wish to apply for the workpermit Move service contact us now at Please note that we will only accept your application if we think we can help. General speaking we are more likely to accept your application if you are a highly skilled individual with skills that are in short supply in the Country of your choice. Typical prices are from GBP2,500 upwards (about US$4,000) for the migration and move service.

The Immigration and Relocation Team