New Zealand campaign for skilled migrants

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The New Zealand Labour Department has launched an ad campaign through Tourism New Zealand's tourism and marketing program designed to attract highly skilled workers in the nearby region to live and work in Kiwi.

Immigration Minister David Cunliffe and Tourism Minister Damien O'Connor say the campaign will start in Australia in Brisbane, Sidney, and Melbourne in conjunction with New Zealand's What's On marketing campaign.

"Following the launch of New Zealand Now and What's On last year, it is exciting to build on an already successful campaign to talk to many more expat Kiwis and Australians about the unique benefits of this country and the opportunities here," Mr. Cunliffe said.

While Mr. Cunliffe acknowledged that Australia was an attractive place to live, he believes that New Zealand has a lot going for it as well.

"New Zealand's economic growth has equaled that of Australia over the last six years. This has led to very strong job growth and New Zealand has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the world, at 3.7%. With participation rates at 67.9%, we are experiencing skill shortages across most sectors," he said.

According to O'Connor, the approach New Zealand is taking will make both campaigns more effective.

"With over 900,000 visitors a year, Australians are our largest source of tourism. We hope that some of this attention and recognition will assist to get expat New Zealanders and Australians to think about New Zealand as a place to live and work as well."

Mr. Cunliffe believes that New Zealand can't afford to ignore the large number of New Zealanders living overseas - especially with strong global competition for skilled workers - and says the government is committed to encouraging Kiwis to return.

"This new campaign will spread the word that New Zealand is a premier destination to live and work - and the time to be here is now," he said.


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