New Zealand praised for changes to immigration rules

An enterprise advocacy group, Business NZ, praised recent changes to New Zealand's immigration rules.

"Many firms have been crying out for skilled staff but have been obstructed by Skilled Migrant Category rules. With more points now available for skills, we hope to see some easing of the skills crisis," said Nicholas Green, a productivity specialist for Business NZ.

<$adv0>"Competition for talent is fierce, and it's in New Zealand's interests to stay ahead of the international game," he added.

The adjustments to New Zealand's immigration rules include granting more points to Skilled Migrants for various criteria as well as decreasing the amount of capital required to migrate under New Zealand's business investor scheme.

"Changes to the policy on investor migrants will also be positive. Changing from a requirement to invest with the government to investing in New Zealand businesses is more realistic and more likely to result in innovation and productivity improvements," said Green.

New Zealand is currently experiencing a shortage in skilled labor and has been actively promoting itself as a desirable location for potential migrants through marketing programs and surveying migrants who have relocated to Kiwi.

Green feels that the economic benefits of migration have a definite appeal to New Zealand businesses.

"Immigration is a policy area that can have a huge impact on economic growth, and ongoing improvement in this area will be welcomed by New Zealand enterprises," he said.


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