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Recently, Ireland overhauled its immigration policy, instituting new categories such as the Green Card Permit; reminiscent of the US Green Card system ... if only in name, as the Irish Green Card scheme is an employment permit and not an authorization of permanent residence. The government has discontinued the old Work Visa/Work Authorization scheme under which it previously granted permission to work in Ireland.

The new Green Card Scheme is designed to address labor shortages in job sectors considered advantageous to the Irish economy that cannot be sourced from within the European Economic Area. There is also a list of ineligible job sectors - now slightly revised - in which permits for any category will not be considered.

In addition to the recently introduced Green Card and Work Permit schemes is a new category, the Intra-Company Transfer Permit, for the purpose of bringing in overseas employees of companies that have a branch in Ireland. There are also easier qualifications for allowing the spouses and dependents of permit holders to work in Ireland.

We've updated our section on Irish immigration to reflect the new categories, which have been in effect since 01 February 2007.


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