Now easier for UK businesses to send staff to Australia

UK companies planning to create a branch or office in Australia do not need to have an office in Australia before transferring an employee to Australia for employment.

Current Australian migration regulations enable UK-based employers to apply to the Australian High Commission in London for permission to sponsor UK employees for employment in Australia - such as establishing a new branch or office in an Australian City.

Many small UK software, telecom, recruitment and specialist manufacturers have established a presence in Australia under the "UK Sponsorship" Regulations.

This provides a work visa of four [4] years for the proposed employee, such as a manager, technical specialist, business professional etc., to set up and maintain a new business base in Australia and enables the UK applicant to work in Australia - but be paid from the UK.

The procedure requires three [3] applications, all of which may be filed and processed concurrently in London. After the new business is established in Australia the transferred employee is paid from the income generated by the new business in Australia.

The application procedure requires evidence that the UK business is established and profitable in the UK and a brief business plan setting out the proposed business strategy for establishing a base in Australia.

For advice on UK Business Sponsorship and Work Visa applications for UK businesses, email the CV of the proposed employee (which may be the business owner] to or call Alex on 020 7842 0800 (44 20 7842 0800).