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Recent Changes to MODL

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On October 1 the Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs (DIMIA) in Australia has taken the decision to remove certain IT skills from the Migration Occupations in Demand List (MODL)

People seeking to migrate to Australia on the basis of their work skills receive points if their nominated occupation is on the MODL, which is current at the time their application is assessed (not when their application is lodged).

They receive extra points if they have a job offer in their nominated occupation from an organisation that has employed at least 10 people on a full-time basis for the previous two financial years.

For occupation in demand, but with no job offer - 5 points
For occupation in demand with job offer - 10 points

The following is the current list of Migration Occupations in Demand (MODL). Changes to this website list were made on 4 October 2002 and supersede the MODL printed in the current General Skilled Migration booklet).

OccupationASCO code
Managers and Administrators
Information Technology Managers1224
Computer Professionals but only in the attached specializations2231
Registered Nurses2323
Registered Midwives2324
Registered Mental Health Nurses2325
Hospital Pharmacist2382-11
Retail Pharmacist2382-15
Medical Diagnostic Radiographer2391-11
Radiation Therapist2391-13
Associate professionals
Chefs (excluding Commis Chef)*3322 (part)
Refrigeration and Airconditioning Mechanic4312-11

* - Chefs would normally be expected to have a relevant trade level (or higher) qualification, and at least 3 years relevant experience following the completion of that formal qualification.

Computer professionals - specialisations


Computing Professionals can gain MODL points ONLY in the following specialisations*:

  • Progress
  • Java (security and electronic commerce)
  • PeopleSoft
  • Siebel

* - Computing professionals would normally be expected to have at least 12 months work experience in the specialisation for which they have applied for assessment or have been sponsored.

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