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Researchers exempt from work permits in Sweden

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Sweden has implemented a European Union directive designed to create easier work permit access across the 27-member bloc for visiting non-EU scientists and researchers.

Swedish immigration law will incorporate the directive starting 01 July 2008, removing the requirement for researchers to have a work permit while undertaking their duties in the country.

However, researchers and scientists will still need a residence permit to live in Sweden, which must be granted before entering the country.

In order to be included in the new "visiting researchers category", the person must have a university degree or college education which meets the educational requirements for access to post-graduate studies.

The residence permit will only be granted to a visiting researcher if he or she has a "hosting agreement" with an accepted research organization, approved by the Swedish National Agency for Higher Education.

According to the Swedish Migration Board, residence permits are usually granted for one year at a time, or for as long as the hosting agreement is valid. Family members can also receive residence permits for the same period of time.

Researchers expecting to take up work in Sweden for less than three months will need neither a work permit or a residence permit. However, nationals of certain countries will still require entry visas.