Revision of IT Occupations recognised as in short supply by the British Govt.

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The British Government has revised the Information Technology occupationsthat it regards as being in short supply in the UK.

The following occupations are not required to be advertised in either anational newspaper or a recognised IT trade journal. All other IT positions mustbe advertised to show that the British employer has attempted to recruit withinthe UK.

For jobs which are listed below the person must have the relevant skills andexperience listed on the linked annex as well as having either a relevant degree or a degree with at least 12months relevant work experience

Architects in senior positions onlyJava/Java Script
Business AnalystIn any technology area
Network SpecialistIn any technology area
Analyst Programmer
Database Specialist
Software Engineer
Active server Pages/Activex
C and C++ programming languages
SQL Server
Oracle - Data Base Administrator
Broadvision E-Commerce Tools

All customer relationship Management (CRM) and Computer technology (CTI) packages (especially Siebel, Clarify and Oracle CRM)