Sanwar Ali: UK Visa at Home Office attacks “activist lawyers”

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By Sanwar Ali:

It is shocking that the Home Office should complain in their video tweet on Wednesday, about “activist lawyers” because they are “preventing” the deportation of migrants.  We understand that following many, many complaints this video has recently been taken down.  There are numerous concerns about racially discriminatory conduct and bad behaviour at the Home Office.  Most concerns about discrimination in the Home Office are in the UK Visas and Immigration Department of the Home Office.

The Home Office video was produced during a time when increasing numbers of desperate migrants are trying to reach the UK by boat, and are frequently being intercepted by the UK Border Force.  This year so far there have been over 4,000 people making the crossing from France to the UK.

"Activist lawyers" and media needed to fight injustice and discrimination

You need “activist lawyers” and the media to help protect migrants and the public from unlawful, racist and discriminatory conduct by the Home Office.  The Home Office has frequently not told the truth in court proceedings and in many cases has not followed the law, which needs to be challenged by lawyers.  The media needs to make sure that the public knows about injustices committed against migrants.  

In a recent video tweet from the Home Office they say that they are working to remove migrants with no right to remain in the UK.  They then make the following statement about the current return regulations.

‘rigid and open to abuse allowing activist lawyers to delay and disrupt returns’.

Comments about Home Office tweet criticising “activist lawyers”:

The best selling author the Secret Barrister has changed the Twitter name to:

'The Secret Activist Lawyer (AKA Barrister)'

The Secret Barrister also went onto to say the following in a tweet:

'The thing is that the government wouldn’t keep finding itself frustrated by enemy of the people judges and activist lawyers if it just stopped breaking the law.'

There is an amusing comment by David Carrod in the Law Society Gazette news report about this:

David Carrod Commented on: 27 August 2020 1:52pm

There's a simple answer to this.

The SRA, and the Bar Standards Board, should conduct random snap inspections of solicitor firms, and barristers' chambers. Any offices where copies of The Guardian are found, should be immediately shut down.

That'll weed out all these left-wing activists…

Failure by Home Office to prevent discrimination and misconduct

What steps are being taken by the Home Office and organisations that they sponsor and support to root out race discrimination and to make sure that court proceedings are carried out in an ethical and honest way?  Governmental organisations, instead of dealing with issues of discrimination, are spending probably large sums of money to fight discrimination claims in the employment tribunals and in trying to avoid the jurisdiction of the employment tribunals.  

What safeguards are there to make sure that officials tell the truth?  Prosecutions for perverting the course of justice are rare.  In many cases it is difficult to prove, and the police are very busy and do not have the time.  Perhaps you then have the option of pursuing a private prosecution.  This you have to pay for and fund yourself. can help with Tier 2 Visa Sponsor Licence and Tier 2 Visa

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