Singapore an attractive destination for Indians

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Singapore is becoming an increasingly popular destination for Indian professionals; Thanks to continued economic growth there are plenty of opportunities for Indians and others. For example there is increasing demand for overseas labour from the financial services and banking industries.

According to Prem Xavier Raj of the Australia and New Zealand Banking Group in Singapore, the financial services industry in Singapore is one of the biggest employers of Indian talent.

"Singapore has emerged as one of the key banking hubs in the world. Increasingly more client money is flowing in, especially for the private banking and wealth management industry," he said.

"This provides an opportunity for Indians with relevant experience to relocate to Singapore," he added.

There is also demand from the Information Technology and the hospitality sectors for Indian workers.

According to Nina Alag Suri, President and CEO of Nastrac Group, their is a lot of opportunities for overseas workers in both low-skilled and highly skilled employment.

"Singapore's ministry of manpower is very welcoming to workers required for construction work and in the factories etc as well as the highly skilled and experienced individuals," she said.

There are a number of Indian companies operating out of Singapore that specialise in hiring Indian professionals. Singapore is also an increasingly popular destination for Indian students.

"Job opportunities are definitely available for Indian students in Singapore and most students continue to stay and work after they complete their courses. Several banks have started picking up students straight from campus," Raj said.

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