Tier 1 Visas likely to run out before January 2011 - Apply now!

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The UK Government recently announced a permanent cap on skilled immigration that will drastically reduce the annual number of skilled visas available to potential skilled migrants. The cap, which will be implemented in April 2011, will also include major changes to the UK's points based immigration system.

Tier 1 (General) visas or something similar will only be available as an 'exceptionally talented' visa which will be capped at 1,000 visas per year. Currently, Tier 1 (General) Visas are capped at 13,000.

Tier 1 (General) visas are running out very quickly. It is very possible that all skilled immigration visas will be used up before January 2011.

For people who wish to immigrate to the UK under a skilled immigration visa, you should consider applying as soon as possible. Once the UK closes the door on Tier 1 (General) visas, it will be very difficult to immigrate to the UK without a job offer.

People who do not apply before January will more than likely require a job offer from a UK employer or have to come under another category, such as an Investor or Entrepreneur visa to gain entry to the UK. There are a greater number of restrictions on what you can and cannot do under these visa categories.

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