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There have been major changes to the Highly Skilled Migrant Programme from 28 January 2003. One of the criticisms of the old HSMP programme was that very few people could meet the criteria for this. The new programme addresses these concerns with the following changes:

  • The opportunity for up to fifty points under work experience, changed from a maximum of twenty-five points under the old programme.
  • A significant reduction in the minimum income requirements under "Past Earnings" for those living in poorer Countries.
  • There is a reduction in the maximum number of points under "Achievement in your chosen field" from fifty points to twenty-five points. This change will not affect many people, as it is very difficult to gain any points under this "scoring area".

These changes will make it much easier for high level people with good qualifications to gain entry to the UK. The previous programme made it very, very difficult for people from poorer Countries to come under HSMP as it was unlikely that you would gain any points under Past Earnings scoring area.

We have the only FREE Highly Skilled Migrant Programme Points calculator on the internet covering all the relevant criteria for this programme. Why not try it to see if you qualify? We also have a number of detailed guides covering HSMP.