UK announces changes in consular and visa fees from 1 July 2005

The fees for passports, visas and chargeable consular services provided by British consular posts overseas are to change from Friday, 1 July 2005. On the same date, the fee for legalisation services provided by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) in London and overseas will change.

The FCO says these changes will ensure that the full cost of providing services at home and overseas are fully recovered without any claim on public funds and to meet the increasing demand, while maintaining high standards of service.

Chargeable Consular Services

In 2004-05 British posts delivered a range of over 50 chargeable services.

Examples include:

Birth registration: £64.50 (up from £55)
Death registration: £64.50 (up from £55)
Administering an oath: £53.00 (up from £45)
Supplying witnesses: £14.00 (up from £12)

The FCO says fees for these services were last increased in 1996.

  • Passports

    In 2004-05 British posts issued or amended 482,000 passports and issued 6,500 emergency passports. From 1 July 2005 the following fees will apply:

    Adult 32 page: £69.00 (up from £56.50)
    Adult 48 page: £82.00 (up from £67.70)
    Child: £45.00 (up from £36.50)
    Emergency: £43.50 (up from £35.50)
    Amendments: £57.00 (up from £46.90)
    Temporary: £55.00 (up from £45.60)

    Passport fees were last increased in October 2003.

    A new fee will be introduced to cover the costs of issuing Biometric Passports due to be implemented at overseas posts from December 2005.
  • Legalisation Fees

    In 2004-05 British Posts and the London office legalised the signatures of officials, such as Notaries or Registrars, on more than 300,000 documents.

    From 1 July 2005 the legalisation fee will increase from £12 to £19.

    The fees for these services were last increased in 1996.
  • Visa Fees

    In 2004-05 British posts overseas processed 2.5 million visa applications

    The fees for these services were last reviewed in 2002

    From 1 July 2005 the following fees will apply:
  • Six month visit visa to increase from £36-£50
  • Long term visas for stays of over six months (including student visas, work permit holders and working holiday makers) to increase to £85
  • Settlement visas to remain unchanged at £260
  • Long term validity visit visas will be reduced from £150 (10 year visa) and £88 (5 year visa) to £85