UK Border Agency warns of 'unscrupulous visa agents' in Thailand and Vietnam

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The United Kingdom Border Agency, the UKBA, has issued a warning about unscrupulous visa agents operating in Vietnam and Thailand.

If you are thinking of applying for a UK visa, the UKBA has issued a list of steps you should take to ensure that you do not fall prey to a scam.

• Always take steps to ensure that you are dealing with a genuine member of UKBA staff or an employee of the UKBA's partner, VFS Global, which runs biometric clinics to take biometric data and samples from applicants.
• Neither UKBA nor VFS Global staff will make any guarantees about the success of your visa application. If the agent you are talking to makes such a guarantee, be suspicious.
• When booking an appointment with the visa application centre, you will not be asked to pay (except during peak times at the visa office in Bangkok). If you are asked to pay for an appointment, you should be suspicious.
• If you pay for a visa application and for any other services, you will receive an official receipt. You will not then be asked for any further fee. If you are asked for a further fee, you should be very suspicious.

The UKBA and VFS Global warn applicants that they cannot take any responsibility for events which take place outside their offices.

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