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UK - Changes to HSMP Criteria

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New Highly Skilled Migrant Program Criteria allow more people to qualify

Today, the UK's Home Office announced major changes to the Government's Highly Skilled Migrant Programme, increasing opportunities for more skilled individuals to migrate to the UK.

The following are the main changes that were made:

  • the overall minimum points score was reduced from 75 to 65 points
  • extra points are now granted if you are under the age of 28
  • you can now claim points for partner/ spouse qualifications

The HSMP scheme was announced originally in January 2002, and since then there have been 3,721 successful applicants who have been granted the right to live and work in the UK.

The UK Government welcomes skilled immigrants who are a benefit to the economy and play a productive role in society. HSMP applicants are able to fill critical skills gaps in the labour market. A main benefit of the HSMP Scheme as compared to a regular work permit means that it does not require an employer to obtain a work permit for you, and you can also work for any employer you wish.

For further information on the HSMP Scheme, please see our points calculator.