UK expects 230,000 fewer student visas over next 5 years

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The UK Government has announced that it expects to reduce the level of student immigration into the country by almost a quarter million over the next five years, due to stricter visa rules.

A Home Office report said that the new student visa rules should lead to total net student migration from outside the European Union being reduced by 230,000 between 2011 and 2015.

This is only about half the reduction announced by Theresa May, Home Secretary, in March when she gave details on the student visa changes. She said then that the curbs would reduce net immigration by 400,000.

The Government is coming under increasing criticism for its policy on immigration. Much of the net immigration into the UK comes from EU countries; Britain is required under EU law to allow citizens of most EU countries to live and work in the UK.

By restricting immigration of non-EU immigrants, the UK is damaging its global competitiveness by denying British firms top overseas talent. This is also causing problems for the UK's £40 billion per year education sector. Immigration restrictions are putting off overseas students from coming to the UK