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UK HSMP to get tougher

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The Home Office is likely to toughen up the Rules surrounding the UK Highly Skilled Migrant Programme to bring it back into line with its original objectives which were set out when the Scheme was first introduced back in January 2002.

The programme originally set out to target the top 10% of the global work force. Since the reduction of points from 75 to 65 in October 2003, HSMP applications have more than doubled.

The Home Office is now concerned that the Scheme has become too easy and that too many applicants are qualifying for the Scheme who would not be deemed to be part of the top 10% of the global workforce.

In approximately 6 months time, the Home Office will be announcing new HSMP criteria. The new criteria will almost certainly be much more stringent, to bring the Scheme back in line with its original objectives. We expect the Home Office to increase the pass mark from 65 points to 75 points, certainly for applicants over 28 years old. We would expect the under 28 category to remain unchanged.

In light of these forthcoming changes, we suggest that if you are thinking of applying for HSMP, you do so as soon as possible. has a dedicated HSMP department. We are able to file an application quickly for you. We are also offering discounts for students and applicants under 28 years old.