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UK HSMP processing times increase

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The Home Office has announced today that due to a significant increase in the number of HSMP applications they have received, the HSMP team can no longer meet the current published timescales for assessing applications. The team estimates that complete applications submitted with full supporting evidence will take at least 12 weeks from the date of receipt to be considered. Note that the HSMP team does not acknowledge receipt of applications.

The Home Office has also requested that applicants should restrict telephone and email enquiries to those of utmost urgency, and that status checks can not be made before they case has been with the team for the full 12 weeks. As has been recent practice, fax requests for urgent treatment will be restricted to those who provide evidence of a job offer to commence immediately. If applicants require the return of their passports for urgent travel, they should fax the request to the relevant In-Country HSMP Team.

To find out if you are qualify for entry to the UK under HSMP, please see our HSMP points calculator.