UK Immigration after Conservatives win 2015 General Election

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Going against all the opinion polls and surveys conducted in the run up to the UK 2015 General Election, the Conservatives have surpassed even their own expectations and have won enough seats to secure a majority government.

In a turn of events that few expected, the Conservatives have won 331 seats, leaving Labour trailing behind with 232 and absolutely decimating the Liberal Democrats who have only managed to secure 8. It looks as if current immigration policy will continue which in our experience will cause numerous problems for the immigrant population.

A Bad Day For Labour, The Liberal Democrats and UKIP

Labour have lost a large number of seats to the Scottish National Party (SNP) in Scotland, which has become close to being a one-party state. Labour have also failed to secure enough seats in England to make a Labour-SNP coalition a possibility, which many anticipated would be the outcome of the election. The Liberal Democrats suffered an incredible blow at the polls, losing 45 seats.

The Labour leader Ed Miliband has resigned, and so has both the Liberal Democrats leader Nick Clegg and the UKIP leader Nigel Farage.

How will the Election Result effect UK Immigration Policies

The Conservatives have stated in their manifesto that they aim to keep net migration down to the tens of thousands and make it more difficult for EU immigrants to claim social or housing benefits.

Sanwar Ali, Editor of News has the following to say:

"During the last Parliament the way that immigration controls were administered caused a great deal of fear and anxiety amongst Migrants. It also caused a great deal of injustice.

UK immigration under the last Government made life very difficult for many Tier 2 visa holders. If an employers Tier 2 sponsorship licence is revoked and employees then eventually receive a curtailment letter, the Tier 2 employee then need to find another Tier 2 sponsor. Because of the climate of fear caused by the way in which the Government enforces immigration controls many employers are scared to take on new Tier 2 employees. Many highly skilled migrants desperately needed by the Country unable to find a new employer with a sponsorship licence have had to leave.

We have also heard reports that Universities scared that they may lose their Tier 4 sponsorship licences are frequently refusing admission of genuine students.It is hoped that the new Government will administer immigration controls in a fair and reasonable way and within the law."