UK Immigration Minister Damian Green consults with Indians

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Immigration Minister Damian Green recently started a three day visit to India to meet with Indian Government officials on UK immigration policy and on how to deal with illegal immigration. Mr Green's will meet the Overseas Indian Affairs Minister Shri Vayalar Ravi, and Commerce Minister Shri Anand Sharma,and others.

Immigration Minister Green had the following to say:

'When David Cameron came to India at the end of last month, he came with a clear purpose – to take the UK-India relationship to a new level, to make it "stronger, wider, deeper".

'As Britain's minister for immigration, I recognise that I have a key role in taking this new enterprise forward.

'I look forward to using my visit to explain the changes under way in the UK's immigration system and the reasons for them.'

Mr Green tried to deal with Indian concerns over the immigration cap. However, the fact remains that it is now more difficult for skilled migrants to gain entry to the UK under the Tier 1 and Tier 2 visa schemes. Indian Commerce Minister Sharma repeated Indian concerns over the UK immigration cap.

Mr Green has also visited Chandigarth where he met with representatives of the Punjab Government. He will also be meeting representatives from the business and education sector in New Delhi.

The level of consultation on UK Immigration policy with an overseas Government is unprecedented. It is hoped that this will lead to improved immigration policies that will benefit the UK in future.