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UK - Limits on SBS work permits announced

Commencing 1 June 2004, Work Permits UK has placed a limit on the number of Sectors Based Scheme (SBS) work permits that can be issued to nationals of any one Country. This is to act as an interim measure before country-specific quotas on SBS work permits are introduced.

The limit will be 20% of each sector's quota. There are currently two sectors under the SBS work permit scheme being the Hospitality sector and Food Manufacturing Sector. This means that if 20% of each sector's SBS work permits are taken up by nationals of a particular country, then no more applications will be processed for nationals from that country. SBS applications will be closely monitored so that nationals from any one Country do not take up more than 20% of the SBS work permits for the sector in question.

Work Permits (UK) may in future make further suspensions in SBS work permits and may also decide in future that releases from the quota will occur more frequently with a smaller number of sbs work permits from the total quota being released each time.