UK Tier 4 student visa applications - Latest Requirements

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In a report by UK Immigration it was announced that the new requirements for UK Tier 4 student visa applications came into effect on 3 March 2010.

The new requirements are as follows:

  • You will need to have reasonably good English in many cases even if you are coming to the UK to study English on the Tier 4 (General) student visa. In general to be able to study an English language course in the UK your English will have to be at Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) level B1 or higher. There is also now a requirement that you only study courses at a minimum level of English language course at level B2 of the (CEFR). There are exceptions to these requirements if you are a government-sponsored student or if it is a requirement that you improve your English before you start a long term course such as a degree level course.

  • If you wish to come under the Tier 4 student visa to study a course that is below degree level which is not a foundation degree, the number of hours that you can work during term time is reduced to 10 hours per week compared to the previous 20 hours per week.

  • If you are 16 or 17 years old and applying under Tier 4 (Child) during term time you will only be allowed to work 10 hours per week instead of the previous 20 hours per week.

  • If you wish to study in a course under the Tier 4 (General) student visa for a period of six months or less, you will not be able to bring your family members with you.

  • If you are applying to study a course lower than degree level (excluding foundation degree courses) under the Tier 4 (General) visa, your dependants will no longer have the right to work in the UK on their dependent visas. Your dependents, if they wish to work, will need to come under, say, the Tier 1 visa or Tier 2 visa.

If you have applied and paid for your Tier 4 student visa before 3 March 2010 you will come under the previous immigration rules. UKBA also says that further changes will be introduced from April 2010.