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UK Visa fees to go up again from 1 November 2010

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UPDATE: The planned increase in fees has been postponed until further notice.

There will be further fee increase in UK Government visa fees from next week on 1 November 2010. This was announced by Damian Green in September 2010.

Some of the fee increases are detailed below:

  • Tier 1 visa applications – From £735 to £780
  • Tier 2 visa applications – From £270 to £350
  • UK Settlement Visa - From £644 to £750
  • Naturalisation - From £735 to £780

The UK Government's impact assessment states the following:

"New government proposals to limit net migration and the economic circumstances means that it is harder to predict the numbers of migrants that will come to the UK. Continuing to offer these fees at current levels carries an increased risk that the UK Border Agency may not recover its costs, thereby increasing the burden on the UK taxpayer."

UK Visa fees keep on going up and up. UK Government policy means that there are fewer immigrants available to fund the immigration system. It also means that the Government needs to charge more money to each migrant to pay for the immigration system. Many groups including the Joint Council for the Welfare of immigrants have criticised these further increases in UK visa fees.