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UK visas for Pakistanis issued faster

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The UK Border Agency, along with its commercial partner Gerry's, has now launched a premium lounge service at its Visa Application Centre (VAC) in Pakistan to help facilitate the processing of visas for local applicants.

All UK visa applicants can benefit from the new facility located in Karachi where a UK visa can be issued within 15 working days on receipt of a complete application with relevant documents.

The premium service should lead to faster services to the business community in Pakistan and also make it quicker and easier for Pakistani people to obtain visit visas to attend upcoming UK events like the golden jubilee celebrations of Queen Elizabeth II and the London Olympics. The service includes a dedicated lounge for visa applicants that provides a personalised service for the submission of their applications and passports for visa processing. UK visa applicants can also receive free SMS alerts regarding the status of their UK visa application.

British Deputy High Commissioner Francis Campbell said the additional service would prove very helpful in growing the UK-Pakistan relationship on many fronts, especially in boosting bilateral trade.

"The only pre-requisite for the grant of fast UK visas to Pakistanis is submission of duly filled applications accompanied by requisite documents. The launch of premium lounge service at VAC (Visa Application Center) will be a great offer for the business community of Pakistan," stated Campbell.

The added service is in response to a substantial increase in the number of visa applications received by the UKBA from Pakistan in 2010. In 2010, the UK Border Agency received close to 100,000 applications from Pakistani nationals.

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