UK Work Permits Shortage Occupations List - New Additions

Following pressure from the UK Department of Health it is now easierto employ all salaried General Dental Practitioners, Salaried AssistantDentists and Vocational Dental Practitioners in the healthcare sectorunder the work permit scheme. There is no longer a requirement thatemployers advertise nationally to show a shortage of suitably qualifiedpeople to obtain a work permit as these occupations now meet theShortage Occupation Tier One criteria.


Someoccupations are recognized as 'shortage occupations'. This means thatthere are acute shortages of suitably qualified and skilled workerswithin the resident labour market.

The resident labour market is defined as countries within the European Economic Area including the United Kingdom.

The shortage occupations are divided into different sectors as follows:



  • Salaried GP's


  • Salaried General Dental Practitioners Salaried Assistant Dentists
  • Salaried Vocational Dental Practitioner Consultants in Paediatric Dentistry
  • Consultants in Surgical Dentistry

Consultant posts in the following specialist areas:

  • Accident and Emergency Additional Dental Specialities
  • Anaesthetics Cardiology
  • Cardiothoracic Surgery Chemical Pathology
  • Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Clinical Neurophysiology
  • Clinical Cytogenetics and Molecular Genetics Clinical Radiology
  • Clinical Oncology Endocrinology and Diabetes Mellitus
  • Dermatology Forensic Psychiatry
  • Endodentics General Adult Psychiatry
  • Gastroenterology General Surgery
  • General Internal Medicine Geriatric Medicine
  • Genito-urinary medicine Histopathology
  • Haematology Infectious Diseases
  • Immunology Medical Microbiology & Virology
  • Intensive Care Medicine Neurology
  • Medical Oncology Nuclear Medicine
  • Neurosurgery Occupational Health
  • Obstetrics and Gynaecology Opthalmology
  • Old Age Psychiatry Orthodontics
  • Oral & Maxillo-facial Surgery Paediatric Cardiology
  • Otolaryngology Paediatrics
  • Paediatric Dentistry Plastic Surgery
  • Palliative Medicine Psychotherapy
  • Psychiatry of Learning Disabilities Rehabilitation Medicine
  • Public Health Medicine Respiratory Medicine
  • Renal Medicine Rheumatology
  • Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery Urology


  • Audiologist Audiological scientist
  • Clinical Psychologist Dietician
  • Occupational Therapist Pharmacists
  • Pharmacy Technician Physiotherapist
  • Speech and Language Therapist Social Worker Social Worker
  • Biomedical Scientist / Medical Laboratory Scientific Officer (MLSO)
  • Qualified HPC registered Diagnostic and Therapeutic Radiographers


  • All registered nurses and midwives


  • Engineering Shortage Occupations*


  • Forjobs that are listed below the person must have a degree with at least2 years relevant experience from a civil, structures or electricalbackground.
  • Railways Planner or Engineer
  • Railways Modeller
  • Railway Track Design or Permanent Way Engineer
  • Signaling Engineer, Communications Engineer
  • Power Supply Engineer or Electrification Engineer

(Senior positions in the above posts would be expected to have at least 5 years relevant experience)


  • Forjobs that are listed below the person must have a degree with at least2 years relevant experience from a structures background.
  • Structural Engineer
  • Infrastructure Engineer or Buildings Engineer
  • Bridge Engineer or Highways Structural Engineer
  • (Senior posts would generally require appropriate chartered status and a minimum of 5 years relevant experience)


  • Forjobs that are listed below the person must have a transport relateddegree or a degree with at least 2 years relevant experience from acivil background.
  • Traffic Engineer or Transport Planner
  • TransportModeller or Transport Economist (The applicant would be expected tohave experience in multi-model studies & modelling software such asTRIPS, EMME2, QVIEW, SATURN, PEDROUTE or Microsimulation)
  • Transport Signal Engineer
  • Highways Design Engineer or Highways Planning Engineer
  • Highways Maintenance Engineer


  • Actuaries
  • CAA Licensed Aircraft Engineers
  • Teachers - All posts in England covering compulsory schooling
  • Veterinary Surgeon

You will find further details of the work permit scheme on our web-site.