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New UK Immigration Rules Announced

10:06 23/07/2004
The Home Secretary David Blunkett has announced stricter rules to stop temporary migrants in the UK switching into permanent employment to try to stop potential abuse of the system. These new rules...

UK HSMP to get tougher

14:10 21/07/2004
The Home Office is likely to toughen up the Rules surrounding the UK Highly Skilled Migrant Programme to bring it back into line with its original objectives which were set out when the Scheme was...

UK - Update on HSMP Processing Times

16:26 20/07/2004
The Home Office has announced that Highly Skilled Migrant Programme (HSMP) visas are currently taking approximately four months at this time, until further notice. Applications received by 15 March...

UK - Update on FLR (IED) Applications

12:23 19/07/2004
New temporary procedures for handling Further Leave to Remain (FLR) applications have been announced today by the Home Office. Due to the recent increase in the numbers of FLR (IED) applications...

UK - Worker Registration Scheme statistics announced

12:34 07/07/2004
The Home Office has released figures showing that over 24,000 Central and Eastern European nationals from the new EU member states had signed up for the Worker Registration Scheme (WRS) by the end of...

UK - New Application Forms issued

10:17 28/06/2004
The Home Office has made available updated and revised application forms and guidance notes for use from 2 July 2004. Work Permits (UK) will no longer accept any application forms that have an expiry...