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UK - Home Secretary still under investigation

UK Home Secretary, David Blunkett, is still being investigated onallegations of fast tracking a visa application for his ex-lover'snanny. The finding of the investigation is supposed to be published onDec. 21, but recent allegations made by the daily Sun newspaper maycause a delay.

Blunkett maintains his innocence and says he has had nothing to do with the nanny's application. Thereis also the probe by the Commons watchdog Sir Philip Mawer into thefact that Blunkett gave official rail warrants intended only for wivesto his former lover>

He has insisted he has donenothing wrong - although he accepted accidentally breaking the rulesover the rail warrants and has apologized and repaid the money.

Moreover, Blunkett finds himself on thin ice as he is attacking fellow colleagues in a forthcoming biography.

Inthe new biography of Blunkett by Stephen Pollard, the home secretarysays Education Secretary Charles Clarke has gone "soft" on standards;Trade Secretary Patricia Hewitt does not think strategically; anddeputy Prime Minister John Prescott is sensitive about being dubbed"two Jags".

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